This post is based on a Reuters article about the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Philippines in November 2018. This is an excerpt of the article.

China's Xi visits Philippines as Duterte pressed to take tougher line

By Martin Petty, Neil Jerome Morales

NOVEMBER 19, 2018

MANILA (Reuters) - Chinese leader Xi Jinping visited the Philippines on Tuesday to further strategic gains made under President Rodrigo Duterte, who hailed a “new impetus” behind a relationship that his massive infrastructure ambitions could depend on.

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The two leaders on Tuesday oversaw 29 agreements of sorts, many of them broad or vague, from cooperating in education, culture and industrial park development to jointly promoting infrastructure, agriculture cooperatives and establishing sanitation protocols for shipping coconuts.

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However, of the 38 Philippine projects earmarked for Chinese involvement two years ago, only four were among the commitments made on Tuesday.

One was approval for a Chinese loan for building a $232.5 million dam, another a hiring of a consultancy for a rail plan. The other two were to start feasibility studies on an inter-island bridge, and a highway in Duterte’s home province.

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