The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) published the following press release on its FB page

Field Base Investigation for DOTR Mindanao railway project (Tagum-davao-digos Segment) to the affected IP land owners of BRGY Astorga,Darong,Inawayan.

The activity was attended by Municipal IPMR Bae Elvira lim, Municipal Tribal Chieftain Carolino Ruiz, BTC of Darong Felimon Manuel,BTC of astorga Amparo Emban and Brgy Council of Brgy Inawayan Davao del Sur. It was facilitated by NCIP Davsur Leaded by P.O Indalesio Diano, Eric O. Marteja, Mhaya B. Niñal, Armasol S. Mangampo jr.


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